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Argentina: it’s much more than the land of the Tango and big, juicy steaks. Eduardo Acevedo-Diaz,
the former Deputy Head of Mission at the Argentine Embassy in Canberra, tells us what he loves about his country.


Go to Colón Theatre (pictured above and at the top of the page). Inaugurated in 1908 in Buenos Aires, it’s one of the best lyric theatres of the world. And visit one of the traditional milongas (places for social tango dancing).


Tango’s passionate music and dance – both traditional and “new”, reflect Argentina’s soul. No matter your dancing skills, get your spirit loose with this powerful music and dance, whose lyrics speak of universal themes, such as love and life itself.


Argentina is a vast country with very diverse landscapes and cultural heritage. From iconic glaciers in Patagonia; the highest peak in the Americas in the wine country; the beauty and traditions of the North; the lush and powerful Iguazu Falls in Misiones to the Gaucho style in the mythical Pampas or the cosmopolitan flavour of Buenos Aires, there are plenty of sites to choose from. I would choose the Jesuit Block and Estancias (residencies) of Córdoba, declared a World Heritage Site in 2000.

The Jesuit Block and Estancias (residencies) of Córdoba are a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Jesuit Block and Estancias (residencies) of Córdoba are a UNESCO World Heritage site.


If you are in Buenos Aires city, make time to visit the Museum of Modern Art, which hosts an impressive collection of both Argentine and international artworks, and the Museum of Hispano American Art “Isaac Fernández Blanco”, which holds a traditional silver craft collection in a beautiful colonial-style house.


Barbecue steak and Malbec wines from Mendoza are an excellent choice. For the white wine lovers, try Torrontés wine from Salta.


It is a difficult choice to make, because we have so many excellent writers, but I would recommend short stories by Jorge Luis Borges, translated into many languages. TTW

Time to Wander’s tip: don’t miss Devil’s Throat at Iguazú Falls.

Photographs supplied or from Pixabay.

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